The Current State of Crypto Gambling


Cryptocurrencies have become a new big thing in the world. Because of the characteristics of their structure, they’re protected from inflation, fraud, and spying. Of course, this can have extremely negative consequences, but at their root, they give us the freedom that traditional banks and fiat money have deprived us of. That’s why cryptocurrencies have found their place in many fields, and in some, they have become hugely popular and have even become a lifesaver. 

One of these was online casinos, most of which now work with cryptocurrencies as well. And some casinos have completely rebuilt themselves and have become exclusively crypto casinos.

About Crypto Casino Platforms

Most online casinos work with crypto among other currencies and don’t give up fiat money. Also, they still require identification, which conflicts with anonymity, which is one of the main ideas of blockchain. But all the other benefits, such as no possibility of inflation and fraud, remain available to you. And some online crypto platforms don’t require identification and allow you to remain anonymous as well.

A certain portion of crypto casinos are hiding in the deep web, not because BTC it’s something bad but because full conversion to cryptocurrencies is very unprofitable for classic casinos, and creators of such services have to leave the traditional Internet to realize all cryptocurrency potential. However, trying to get into the dark web can be very dangerous for inexperienced users and even illegal, so keep that in mind.

Fair Crypto Casino Sites with Fast Payments

As of now, the fastest grown crypto casino is, which lives up to its status, staying on the surface web and officially operating under Malta license in many European countries. So the only discrepancy is that it also requires identity verification. But otherwise, it’s at the highest level possible. It avoids all tricks and ambiguities. It has the fastest and most transparent payouts, which are displayed in a table on the site updated every few seconds. 

The casino makes it clear that it doesn’t provide any cryptocurrency exchanger features and only allows you to play with them and win them. Is that what all players want to hear? Some do, some don’t. But the decent thing is that the service doesn’t say what the player wants to hear. The service has a clear position that it follows and speaks openly about. There’s also a complete lack of jackpot games but also a complete lack of wagering requirements. Deposit bonuses, random bonuses, and cashback will also be added shortly. More games will be added too, although it’s worth noting that the existing games are perfectly done, and overall, the service and games have a very high level of quality and a bright brand design. A great choice when looking for the original BTC gambling site.